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Warbus (aka War Bus) (1986, Italy / USA / Philippines) The Love Factor (aka Zeta One) (1969, UK) Jigoku (aka Hell, aka The Sinners of Hell) (1960, Japan) Hardware (aka M.A.R.K. 13) (1990, UK) Kwaheri: Vanishing Africa (1964, USA) The Entity (1981, USA) Inseminoid (1981, UK) Bloodsport (1988, USA) Blue Monkey (aka Insect, aka Invasion of the Bodysuckers) (1987, USA / Canada)

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Super Fly (1972, USA)

Super Fly (1972, USA) Super Fly (1972, USA)

Super Fly (1972, USA)

Part of the series.
- Super Fly (1972, USA)
- Super Fly T.N.T. (1973, USA)
- The Return of Superfly (1990, USA)

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