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Creature of the Walking Dead (1965, USA) More Deadly Than the Male (1959, UK) Terror Eyes (aka Night School) (1981, USA) Gerard Damiano's People (1978, USA) Psycho à Go-Go (aka Blood of Ghastly Horror, aka Fiend with the Electronic Brain, aka The Man with the Synthetic Brain) (1967, USA) Africa Erotica (Jungle Erotic, aka African Thrills, aka A Happening in Africa) (1970, France / Belgium / USA) Hot Heir (aka The Great Balloon Chase) (1984, USA) Ghosthouse (La casa 3) (1988, Italy) Queen of the Amazons (1947, USA)

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Young & Innocent (aka Wild Innocents) (1981, USA)

Young & Innocent (aka Wild Innocents) (1981, USA)

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