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The Sinister Dr. Orloff (El siniestro doctor Orloff) (1984, Spain) The Case of the Red Monkey (aka Little Red Monkey) (1955, UK) The Unholy Intruders (Hinter Klostermauern) (1952, Germany) Arena (1989, USA / Italy) Paris After Midnite (1951, USA) Paris After Midnite (1951, USA) A Chinese Ghost Story (Sien nui yau wan) (1987, Hong Kong) The Night Stalker (1986, USA) Nightmare (aka Nightmare in a Damaged Brain) (1981, USA)

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Mondo cane 2 (aka Mondo pazzo) (1963, Italy)

Mondo cane 2 (aka Mondo pazzo) (1963, Italy)

Part of the series:
- Mondo cane (aka Dog’s Life) (1962, Italy)
- Women of the World (1963, Italy)
- Mondo cane 2 (1963, Italy)
- Africa Blood and Guts (1966, Italy)
- Farewell Uncle Tom (1971, Italy)

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