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Scream for Help (1984, UK) Hungry Wives (aka Season of the Witch) (1972, USA) Ratman (Quella villa in fondo al parco, aka Terror House) (1988, Italy) A Long Ride from Hell (Vivo per la tua morte) (1968, Italy) Fox Style (1973, USA) Daydream (Hakujitsumu) (1981, Japan) The Pleasures and Dangers of Sex (Prima e dopo l'amore... un grido d'allarme, aka Before & After Sex) (1972, Italy) Supervan (1977, USA) The Photo of a Woman with a Boar (Fotografija ar sievieti un mezakuili) (1987, Soviet Union / Latvia)

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Mondo cane 2 (aka Mondo pazzo) (1963, Italy)

Mondo cane 2 (aka Mondo pazzo) (1963, Italy)

Part of the series:
- Mondo cane (aka Dog’s Life) (1962, Italy)
- Women of the World (1963, Italy)
- Mondo cane 2 (1963, Italy)
- Africa Blood and Guts (1966, Italy)
- Farewell Uncle Tom (1971, Italy)

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