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God Told Me To (aka Demon) (1976, USA) House of 1000 Pleasures (Club privé pour couples avertis) (1974, France) The Forest (1982, USA) Andromeda Nebula (Tumannost Andromedy) (1967, Soviet Union) Slumber Party Massacre II (1987, USA) Champagne and Beans (Champagne... e fagioli) (1980, Italy) Guyver (aka Mutronics) (1991, USA / Japan) Kill Baby, Kill (Operazione paura / Operation Fear, aka Curse of the Living Dead) (1966, Italy) Phenomena (aka Creepers) (1985, Italy)

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Night of the Comet (1984, USA)

Night of the Comet (1984, USA)

1 comment to Night of the Comet (1984, USA)

  • This would have been one of the last “Double Features” I saw. When I was a young kid movies always had a support film but that kinda died out in the 80′s. However this movie was twinned with ghoulies the cheap gremlins clone. I thought Night of the comet was better. Only saw it again recently. Good 80′s B fodder

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