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Semidocumentary: Secret Chronicles of Night Crawling (Semi-dokyumento: Maruhi yobai) (1974, Japan)

Semidocumentary: Secret Chronicles of Night Crawling (Semi-dokyumento: Maruhi yobai) (1974, Japan)

3 comments to Semidocumentary: Secret Chronicles of Night Crawling (Semi-dokyumento: Maruhi yobai) (1974, Japan)

  • Mitchell

    Hi. This poster is not for MYSTERIES OF A WOMAN’S BODY (Japanese title: SEMIDOKYUMENTO: NYOTAI NO SHINPI), made in 1975. It is, however, for another movie by the same director, SEMIDOKYUMENTO: MARUHI YOBAI (1974). The title translates as “Semidocumentary: Secret Chronicles of Night Crawling”. “Yobai” or “night crawling” was a Japanese custom by which a man would silently creep into a sleeping girl’s room and lay down with her: if she consented, they would have sex — provided that, before daybreak, he would slip out of her house in the same stealthy way he got in. This was a generally accepted form of premarital sex, often done with the full knowledge of the girl and/or her parents, and was common in rural areas.

    This is another movie that is not in the much vaunted IMDb. Here are some credits, taken from the poster. The director is the infamous Tadashi YOYOI, regarded as the pioneer of Japanese hardcore video pornography. The production company is Watanabe Productions, specialized in this kind of stuff: Nikkatsu only distributed. Listed cast: Jun AOBA, Hatoko NISHINA, Rina HAYAKAWA, Kyôko SHIMA, Hiromi HOSHINO, Ai MISUZU, Kazuko ISHIBASHI, Tatsuo FUKANO, Akihiro TAKIZAWA, Mitsuo HARA, Jun YOSHIDA, Yasushi MATSUURA, Masayoshi NOGAMI (all family names are in capitals to avoid confusion).

  • Big thanks for your comment Mitchell. Will fix.

  • namram

    Semi-dokyumento: Maruhi yobai (1974)

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