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Star Virgin (1979, USA) Wolfman (1979, USA) Death Driver (aka Hell Racer) (1977, USA) Tales of the Third Dimension (1984, USA) Baba Yaga (aka The Devil Witch, aka Kiss Me Kill Me) (1973, Italy / France) The Country Doctor (La dottoressa di campagna) (1981, Italy) Terror in the Jungle (1968, USA) The Steel Edge of Revenge (Goyokin) (1969, Japan) What a Way to Die (Sommersprossen, aka Beyond Control) (1968, Germany / Italy)

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Lucrezia Borgia, The Devil’s Lover (Lucrezia Borgia, l’amante del diavolo) (1968, Italy / Austria)

Lucrezia Borgia, The Devil's Lover (Lucrezia Borgia, l'amante del diavolo) (1968, Italy / Austria)

Thanks Filmrage Magazine for the image.

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