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Lips of Blood (Lèvres de sang) (1975, France) Burnout (1979, USA) Unashamed: A Romance (Vend tilbage til naturen) (1938, Denmark) The 18 Bronzemen (Shao Lin Si shi ba tong ren) (1976, Hong Kong / Taiwan) The Stuff (1985, USA) Foxy Brown (1974, USA) Foxy Brown (1974, USA) Tower of Evil (aka Horror on Snape Island) (1972, UK / USA) Kill Baby, Kill (Operazione paura / Operation Fear, aka Curse of the Living Dead) (1966, Italy)

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As you may have noticed I don’t update the site too much lately.
I have some personal and family stuff I really should focus on and that just consumes too much of my time. So I’m taking a one-month break and will be travelling till late October. I may do some occasional updates, but no guarantees, sorry guys.
Don’t worry – I am absolutely positive to continue working on the site.

Another thing is – for some obscure reason Google once again has disabled my ad account. Good thing about it is that I don’t need to worry about nudity on my site anymore. Bad thing is that I’ve lost a sponsor who helped me pay for the webspace.
So right now I’m looking for entertainment oriented advertisers – ideally cult film labels, mags or stores. If you happen to be affiliated with one of those – please write me at weirdposters at gmail com. No porn please ;)

Thanks for reading.
See you soon!

P.S.: Just in case you didn’t know, we’re on Facebook.
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