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King Frat (1979, USA) The One Man Jury (aka Dead on Arrival) (1978, USA) Danger!! Death Ray (Il raggio infernale, aka Death Ray) (1967, Italy / Spain) Sweet Sixteen (1983, USA) Tanya (1976, USA) High School Caesar (1960, USA) I Spit on Your Grave (J'irai cracher sur vos tombes) (1959, France) Night Train to Terror (1985, USA) Night Train to Terror (1985, USA)

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Dear all.
As you’ve probably noticed the site hasn’t been updated for a while. I think I owe you an apology and an explanation.
Aside from all the contributions I’ve received from my friends (thanks guys!!), this blog has always been a one-man vehicle and a very dear hobby of mine. This is something that kept me going for years and hopefully will do even further on.
However my current personal life doesn’t really leave me much time or desire to work on this now. I can call it ‘not in the mood’ but it’s really a bit more than that. I hope you understand.
So here’s the plan: first – sort my personal shit, and second – get the site updated. Working hard on the first part now.

See you all soon!

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  • kinkyqueen

    Take your time mate! Personal life is way more important than digital images on a website

  • This site is amazing, and I’ve been visiting it for years.
    For all you have shared, thanks a million. For what may come thanks even more, and if
    this turns out to be it, it’s been and will be an amazing site of poster art for everyone to discover.

    Best wishes for your stuff and cheers from Buenos Aires.

  • chris sick

    love the site and good luck with the personal stuff

  • beatnik

    You’ve alredady done a hell of a work. Just take your time, and good luck with everything.

  • victor

    best of luck. The blog is great!

  • Yes, best wishes, and one thousand thanks for your so gorgeous work !

  • Thanks for the update. Glad to know you’re okay and best of luck working on your “stuff”. We will all be here waiting patiently for your eventual return. Your life is way more important than this site, even though it IS really really badass.

  • Mess

    This is the best poster site on the web, and all your work is appreciated. I hope you continue when your shit is sorted.

  • Steve

    Take it easy, Mikhail.
    Do whatever you’ve gotta do. There is already so much fantastic stuff on your site – don’t feel rushed!
    This really is one of my all time favorite places to visit. I usually check in every day. Absolutely love it!
    Take care of yourself and we can look forward to updates whenever it suits.
    All the best
    Steve, Australia

  • Jorge Leonel Chacón


    Even in the case you never publish anything more, i will be forever grateful for all the fantastic stuff that is available already.

    A big thank you today and forever.

    My best wishes for your personal life.

  • I was beginning to get worried about you, Mikhail. Looking forward to seeing you back in action after you sort it all out. Best regards!

  • John Weybrew

    Mikhail, take all the time you need to deal with what life has in store. Your site is a marvelous resource for all of us, and an adventure every time I visit. My best wishes and good thoughts for you and hopes that all will go well in the long run.

  • BirdBrain

    Mikhail, HUGE thanks for such an amazing website, hope things get better for you. Stay well…. and i’m sure I speak for most when I say we all look forward to your return!

  • Mikhail, take your time and get your stuff sorted. We all love this site and by association we appreciate all of your efforts, so take all the time you need and remember you have our support.

  • I use this website in my classroom to show my illustration students what great movie posters painted by real draftsmen look like. Even if you never add another image, but keep the site up and running, I’ll be happy. Take care of yourself, Mikhail.

  • Do what you need, Mikhail – and thanks again for this terrific site! It’s been a favorite of mine for years.

  • shit-face

    Don’t take too goddamn long

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    We’ll be here waiting :)

  • Mike

    This collection is so amazing I can browse it over and over and -still- find something new. Thanks for all your hard work, hope everything works out.

  • I adore this site, and there is more than enough here to keep me happy until you are worked out.
    A million thanks for what you have here

  • mrm

    it’s a great site. And life happens. I for one have plenty to look at here without an update for a long time to come yet:) so take your time.

  • Frank

    I hope you “get in the mood” soon. You’ve created a terrific site and I love visiting it often.

    Thanks for you hard work and many thanks for the work you’re done. Everyone deserves a break.


  • roberto

    Thanks a lot for ur work! We’ll miss u. Cheers from Uruguay

  • Kate

    Take all the time you need. As others have said, your personal life is much more important than a mere website. Be well, and happy.

  • Thomas Parker

    Many thanks for all you’ve done take care of yourself!

  • skrekkarkivet

    I wish you the best! High five from Norway!

  • Lord Oakbeard

    We all appreciate your one-man hard work on this fab site and understand you need to get your personal life sorted. Best wishes and huge support to you, we’ll still be here waiting for you.

  • MojoNexus

    Cheers to you. Thanks.

  • Rick Baines

    Hope you get things sorted out in life. As much as I love this blog, your ‘real’ life is far more important.
    Thanks for all the pictures – they form the bulk of my Horror-themed screensaver that my girlfriend and I use every Friday night when we have a drink together and set the world to rights.
    Good luck with whatever ails you.

  • A truly great site. The best poster site on the web. A true resource. I use it all the time. We’ll be waiting. Let us know how we can help.

  • 新世神集

    Hello, I was in China, I am a Chinese and a B films fans, I really like your website, I hope you update the site as soon as possible. wish you well buddy.

  • Michiel

    You don’t owe anyone an apology my friend! I absolutely love your site and I think the majority of us are just happy to get a look at these beautiful posters!
    Just take your time and take good care of your family and yourself! I sure hope everything will work out for you! TAKE CARE!! greetings from the Netherlands!

  • zombiefeast

    Been coming back to this site for years now, Thank You for all that you have done and all that’s to come. :)

  • There is no need for apology, my friend. This site is amazing and you are responsible for one of the greatest blogs on the web. Best of luck to you and take your time to get in a better place.

    Hopefully these kind words help you to pull out of your rut. All of us appreciate your work and contributions. Thanks again!

  • Marz

    We will be waiting. Not to see more marvelous movieposters, but to see you back in a mood to keep this beautiful site up and running again. Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far. Sincerely hope you’ll feel better soon. That’s more important than any website whatsoever. Big up!

  • E

    Thanks for your stunning work. Hope this site continues, so good!!!

  • Adam

    Your blog is awesome, best one, thanks a lot! It’s good to see U on FB. Waiting for more!

  • Patron Zero

    The site has been such a joy and indispensable resource that a brief wait for any updates in a small pittance to ask.

  • Klon

    Best of luck. This is an excellent and impressive site!

  • Your website has been invaluable to me and I love all of the gems I find here every time I visit. You do you first and hope everything goes better with you very soon. Thank you for the awesome website!

  • R T Karle

    Great to see you back. You have done an amazing job with this site over many years and I thank you very much. Finding so many of my favorite bad movies in one place has been a lot of fun and I hope you have only the best from here on.

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