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Phantasm II (1988, USA) Phantasm II (1988, USA) Insatiable (1980, USA) Erika's Hot Summer (1971, USA) Day of the Dead (1985, USA) Six Swedes at a Pump (Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle, aka High Test Girls, aka Swedish Sex Service) (1980, Switzerland) The House on Sorority Row (1983, USA) Hardbodies (1984, USA) Hanging Woman (La Orgía de los muertos / The Orgy of the Dead, aka Terror of the Living Dead, aka Beyond the Living Dead) (1973, Spain / Italy)

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Bats (1999, USA)

Bats (1999, USA)

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  • Anthony

    Loving all this new activity. This is the best place for these sort of posters online (obviously!). Would love to see more spaghetti western posters and artwork at some point. Thank you for all your cool work, it’s great!

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