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The Legend of the Wolf Woman (La lupa mannara / Werewolf Woman) (1976, Italy) Tales from the Darkside (aka Book of Evil) (1983-1988, USA) Rape Killer (Eglima sto Kavouri, aka Death Kiss) (1976, Greece) Sinful Souls (aka Unborn Souls) (1939, USA) Sinful Souls (aka Unborn Souls) (1939, USA) Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (Bei po) (1977, Hong Kong / USA / Taiwan) Time Masters (Les maîtres du temps) (1982, France / Switzerland / West Germany / UK / Hungary) The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (1969, USA / Germany) The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (1969, USA / Germany)

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First of all – thanks for reading this page. I truely appreciate your interest in seeing this site growing.

There are several things you can help me here with.

First – I’m always in search for the new material. Email me if you have posters/images to share or to sell.
Just browse here for a while and you’ll have a clear idea what exactly I’m looking for.
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Second. I occasionally come across ‘mystery’ posters for the films I can’t clearly identify. Either their IMDb profile is missing (a frequent thing with world movies) or a distributor company completely distorts the original credits. If you happen to be a film guru – please help me in this department.