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The Godson (1971, USA) Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987, Canada) Moonshine County Express (1977, USA) Tenement: Game of Survival (1985, USA) Evilspeak (1981, USA) Evilspeak (1981, USA) Evilspeak (1981, USA) Evilspeak (1981, USA) Evilspeak (1981, USA)

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First of all – thanks for reading this page. I truely appreciate your interest in seeing this site growing.

There are several things you can help me here with.

First – I’m always in search for the new material. Email me if you have posters/images to share or to sell.
Just browse here for a while and you’ll have a clear idea what exactly I’m looking for.
My email address is

Second. I occasionally come across ‘mystery’ posters for the films I can’t clearly identify. Either their IMDb profile is missing (a frequent thing with world movies) or a distributor company completely distorts the original credits. If you happen to be a film guru – please help me in this department.