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Vampire at Midnight (1988, USA) Road Games (1981, Australia) The Nesting (aka Massacre Mansion) (1981, USA) The Final Terror (1983, USA) Eaten Alive! (Mangiati vivi!, aka Doomed to Die) (1980, Italy) Curtains (1983, Canada) Xtro (1983, UK) Scalps (1983, USA) Forbidden World (aka Mutant) (1982, USA)

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Don’t Play with Tigers (Ricchi, ricchissimi… praticamente in mutande) (1982, Italy)

Don't Play with Tigers (Ricchi, ricchissimi... praticamente in mutande) (1982, Italy)

Prickly Pearls (Fico d’India) (1980, Italy)

Prickly Pearls (Fico d'India) (1980, Italy)