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Invader (1992, USA) Critters 3 (1991, USA) King Frat (1979, USA) The One Man Jury (aka Dead on Arrival) (1978, USA) Danger!! Death Ray (Il raggio infernale, aka Death Ray) (1967, Italy / Spain) Sweet Sixteen (1983, USA) Tanya (1976, USA) High School Caesar (1960, USA) I Spit on Your Grave (J'irai cracher sur vos tombes) (1959, France)

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Zombie High (1987, USA)

Zombie High (1987, USA) Zombie High (1987, USA)

The Wraith (1986, USA)

The Wraith (1986, USA)

Thrashin’ (1986, USA)

Thrashin' (1986, USA)