Morgana Mcnelis Biography: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and More

Morgana McNelis, the epitome of grace intertwined with a hint of mystery.

With her captivating presence and enigmatic aura, she effortlessly enchants everyone who crosses her path.

A creative spirit, she weaves her magic as a talented jewelry designer, crafting masterpieces that reflect her soulful essence.

Morgana’s intricate designs are an exquisite symphony of precious metals and gemstones, each piece whispering stories of passion and resilience.

Beyond her artistic prowess, she radiates strength and independence, a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream.

Morgana McNelis, a name that lingers in the mind, an enigma that leaves us yearning for more.

Quick Bio and Wiki

Morgana McNelis is a renowned jewelry designer known for her captivating designs and enigmatic aura. Let’s take a glance at her life.

Full Name (Real Name)Morgana McNelis
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight143 pounds
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)36-29-37 inches
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorHazel
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1983
Age40 Years
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceGeorgia, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, USA
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
High SchoolLocal High School
CollegeWilliam Holland School of Lapidary Arts
OccupationActress, businesswoman, and jewelry designer
Net Worth5$ million
Annual IncomeNot Known
FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
BrotherNot known
SisterMarina Milori
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusEngaged
FacebookNo Account
YouTubeNo Account
Last Updated2023

Birthday and Age

Born on July 9, 1983, Morgana McNelis celebrates her birthday under the nurturing sign of Cancer.

Known for their intuitive nature and emotional depth, Cancers are often characterized as compassionate and creative individuals.

Height and Weight

Morgana McNelis possesses a statuesque beauty, standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches.

With a weight of 143 pounds, she maintains an elegant and balanced physique.

Her measurements of 36-29-37 inches showcase her graceful curves, accentuating her natural allure.

Morgana Mcnelis Net Worth

Morgana McNelis has accumulated a net worth estimated to be $5 million.

As a successful actress, businesswoman, and jewelry designer, her talent and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to her financial success.

Her endeavors in the industry have solidified her position as a notable figure in the creative world.

Early Life

Morgana McNelis was born on July 9, 1983, in Georgia, USA.

Raised in a supportive environment, she completed her education at a local high school before embarking on a transformative path at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

It was there that her passion for jewelry design ignited, shaping her artistic journey. These early experiences paved the way for her multifaceted career.


Morgana McNelis pursued her education with a focus on honing her creative skills.

After completing high school at a local institution, she embarked on a transformative journey at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

This renowned institution provided her with comprehensive training in the art of jewelry design, refining her craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Her education laid a solid foundation for her career, enabling her to channel her passion into creating breathtaking jewelry pieces that reflect her unique style and creativity.

Career Achievements

Morgana McNelis has made significant achievements throughout her diverse career.

As an actress, she has captivated audiences with her performances, showcasing her talent and versatility on screen.

As a businesswoman, her successful ventures in the jewelry industry have gained recognition, with her intricate designs garnering praise and adoration.

Her creative prowess and entrepreneurial spirit have solidified her status as a respected jewelry designer.

With her talent, passion, and unwavering dedication, she continues to make remarkable strides, leaving a lasting impact on both the entertainment and fashion worlds.

Relationship and Dating

Morgana McNelis is currently engaged to actor Charlie Hunnam.

The couple has been in a committed relationship for several years, and their engagement has been a significant milestone in their journey together.

Despite the public attention surrounding their relationship, Morgana and Charlie have maintained a level of privacy, allowing their love to flourish away from the spotlight while supporting each other in their respective careers.

Their bond serves as a testament to their enduring connection and shared commitment to each other.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

Information regarding Morgana McNelis’ family is limited, but it is known that she has a sister named Marina Milori.

Details about her parents and other siblings, if any, are not readily available.

As for her romantic life, Morgana is currently engaged to actor Charlie Hunnam.

While there is no information regarding children, Morgana and Charlie’s relationship has been a significant part of her personal life, showcasing their deep connection and shared commitment to one another.


Morgana McNelis has managed to maintain a relatively controversy-free public image throughout her career.

She has remained focused on her creative endeavors and has stayed away from the tabloid spotlight.

By prioritizing her work and personal privacy, she has effectively avoided any major controversies or scandals.

Morgana’s dedication to her craft and commitment to leading a private life has contributed to her reputation as a respected and admired figure in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Fun Facts

  1. Morgana McNelis is an avid traveler, and she has visited over 20 countries, indulging in diverse cultures and experiences.
  1. When it comes to hobbies, Morgana McNelis enjoys practicing yoga, and finding solace and balance on the mat.
  1. Morgana McNelis has a soft spot for animals and actively supports various animal rescue organizations.
  1. In her free time, Morgana McNelis loves to immerse herself in literature, often losing track of time while engrossed in a captivating book.
  1. Morgana McNelis has a flair for adventure and has tried adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving, embracing the thrill and excitement of the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Morgana Mcnelis

Q1. Who is Morgana McNelis?

Answer: Morgana McNelis is a multi-talented individual known for her work as a jewelry designer, actress, and businesswoman.

Q2. What is Morgana McNelis’ profession?

Answer: Morgana McNelis is primarily recognized as a jewelry designer, creating intricate and soulful pieces.

Q3. What is Morgana McNelis’ net worth?

Answer: Morgana McNelis’ net worth is estimated to be 5 million dollars.

Q4. Is Morgana McNelis married?

Answer: Morgana McNelis is currently engaged to actor Charlie Hunnam.

Q5. What are Morgana McNelis’ social media handles?

Answer: She can be found on Instagram as @morganamcnelis.

Q6. Where was Morgana McNelis born?

Answer: Morgana McNelis was born in Georgia, USA.

Q7. What is Morgana McNelis’ educational background?

Answer: Morgana McNelis attended a local high school before pursuing her passion for jewelry design at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

Q8. What are Morgana McNelis’ notable achievements?

Answer: Morgana McNelis has gained recognition for her talent and creativity as a jewelry designer. Her designs have garnered praise, and she has established herself as a respected figure in the industry.

Q9. Does Morgana McNelis have any siblings?

Answer: Morgana McNelis has a sister named Marina Milori.

Q10. What is Morgana McNelis’ zodiac sign?

Answer: Morgana McNelis’ zodiac sign is Cancer, born on July 9, 1983.

Final Thoughts on Morgana Mcnelis

Morgana McNelis, a name that resonates with artistic brilliance and magnetic charm.

Her journey as a jewelry designer, actress, and businesswoman has been nothing short of extraordinary.

With each delicate piece she creates, she weaves a story of passion and resilience, capturing the hearts of admirers worldwide.

Beyond her professional achievements, she remains a beacon of grace, navigating the spotlight with poise and privacy.

Morgana’s enigmatic aura leaves us captivated, yearning to unravel the depths of her creative mind.

In a world thirsting for inspiration, she stands as a reminder that true artistry is a blend of talent, dedication, and unwavering authenticity.

Morgana McNelis is a luminary shining brightly in the creative realm.

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