Styling Your Man in Summer Shirts

The summer is just the right time to brighten your wear with lighter materials and brighter colors. And for us women, we know how to do that. Do men? Not always.

Below, we’ll give you a guide that’ll help you decide the different types of designs available and which one he’ll actually look good in. Let’s be real, men don’t always look good in what they wear!

That’s probably why you’re reading this blog post…so read on to find out more.

Colours with Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has made a comeback, making summer clothes more colorful and fun. For men, they can really look good in it. The versatility of tie-dye lies in its ability to show personality through vivid hues and patterns.

What color pallet should you choose when buying men’s tie-dyes? Bright vibrant colors like neon greens, electric blues, or fire reds work perfectly when making a statement. Softer pastel shades like baby pinks, sky blues, or pale yellows create a more relaxed mood. Men can look really good in them if they wear it right. Neutral bottoms like denim shorts or jeans go well with these eye-catching tops.

You can get so many cool tie dye shirts for men from the best online retailers like Wordans – shop around and see how cool tie-dye really is.

Luxurious Linen

Linen material is synonymous with summertime. Perfect for hot and humid climates, linen shirts combine comfort and elegance. And men definitely can look really good in a linen shirt.

If you want something simplistic yet stylish, opt for standard tones like white, beige, navy blue, or soft gray, which can be blended flawlessly with any bottoms.

Go for linen shirts with a snug fit and minimal amount of detailing decoration, including only buttons or small pockets on their fronts if you prefer an official sophisticated image. Plain linen shirts are the best, although funky designs are making a comeback.

You can tighten these shirts by rolling up their sleeves easily to go with tailor-made shorts in formal outings while light-colored trousers accompany them during official evenings. For linen fabrics, embrace the natural texture and its slight creases.

Smart/Casual Shirts

Taking any summer outfit from smart to smart casual is pretty easy with summer shirts.

These shirts are perfect for many outings (if not all) because they combine formal with informal styles.

Look for button-down shirts in lightweight cotton or breathable blends that offer structure without sacrificing comfort. Sometimes, small patterns like faded stripes, tiny checks, or minute prints can be add-ons that are not too conspicuous on clothes. They’re really in this summer, you can find them in every shop.

Combine them with slim jeans to achieve a smart-casual look suitable for day events and evening occasions. To complete the look, wear a fashionable watch or glasses.

Summer shirts for your man should create a challenge when styling him – men are pretty easy to style because their fashion is so simple yet looks so good. With our guide, he should have everything he needs to enjoy summer in style. The question is, what will you be wearing standing next to him? We all know it’s more difficult to find something for ourselves to wear!

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