Taliesin Jaffe Biography: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and More

From his captivating performances on screen to his creative endeavors behind the scenes, Taliesin Jaffe has become a celebrated figure in the entertainment world.

With a career spanning multiple disciplines and earning accolades along the way, Jaffe’s talent knows no bounds.

From his early beginnings in Los Angeles to his current stature as a renowned actor, screenwriter, voice actor, and ADR director, his journey has been filled with fascinating twists and turns.

Join us as we delve into the life, accomplishments, and intriguing persona of this enigmatic artist, unraveling the layers of Taliesin Jaffe’s remarkable career.

Quick Bio and Wiki

Taliesin Jaffe is a multi-talented artist known for his captivating performances. Join us as we delve into the fascinating life of this versatile artist.

Full Name (Real Name)Taliesin Axelrod Armstrong Jaffe
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight‎65 kg
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)34-36-30
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Date of Birth19th January, 1977
Age46 years
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
High SchoolLocal High School
CollegeNot Known
OccupationActor, Screenwriter, voice actor, ADR Director
Awards1985- Best Young Actor- Guest in a Television Series (Child’s Cry) 1987- Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in a Supporting Role (The Facts of Life)
Net Worth$5 million
Annual IncomeNot Known
FatherRobert Jaffe
MotherNina Axelrod
BrotherAlex Jaffe
Sister1 (Name Not Known)
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Marital StatusSingle
FacebookNo Account
YouTubeNo Account
Last Updated2023

Birthday and Age

Born on January 19th, 1977, Taliesin Jaffe celebrates his birthday as a talented artist with immense contributions to the entertainment industry.

At the age of 46, he embraces his Capricorn zodiac sign, reflecting his determination and practicality.

Height and Weight

Taliesin Jaffe stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, showcasing his unique presence in the entertainment world.

With a weight of 65 kg, he maintains a well-balanced physique.

His physical measurements, recorded at 34-36-30 (breast-waist-hips), highlight his distinctive proportions.

Taliesin Jaffe Net Worth

Taliesin Jaffe has achieved notable success in his career, which is reflected in his estimated net worth of $5 million.

As an accomplished actor, screenwriter, voice actor, and ADR director, his talents have garnered him both critical acclaim and financial rewards.

With a diverse range of projects under his belt, Taliesin has demonstrated his versatility and creativity, solidifying his position in the entertainment industry.

His impressive net worth stands as a testament to his hard work, talent, and the impact he has made throughout his career.

Early Life

Taliesin Jaffe, born on January 19th, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, had an intriguing early life and childhood.

Raised in a creative environment, his father, Robert Jaffe, was involved in the film industry, while his mother, Nina Axelrod, was an actress.

Taliesin’s passion for acting and storytelling blossomed from a young age, leading him to explore his talents further.

Although details about his high school and college education are not available, his early experiences undoubtedly shaped the path that would lead him to become the multifaceted artist he is today.


While the specific details of Taliesin Jaffe’s education are not provided in the table, it is noted that he attended a local high school during his formative years.

Unfortunately, information regarding his college education is not available.

Despite this, Taliesin’s passion for the arts and his natural talent propelled him forward in his career as an actor, screenwriter, voice actor, and ADR director.

His success in the industry showcases his skills and dedication, regardless of the formal education he may or may not have pursued.

Career Achievements

Taliesin Jaffe has achieved significant success throughout his career, showcasing his immense talent and versatility.

As an actor, he has captivated audiences with his performances in various television series and films.

Jaffe, a native of California, had his acting debut at the age of six in the comedy-drama “Mr. Mom” from 1983.

Before getting the part of Kenny Granger in the syndicated series “She’s the Sheriff,” he went on to play a number of characters in other TV shows and motion pictures.

His debut voice acting role was in the TV miniseries “3×3 Eyes.” He now plays a major role in the American online series Critical Role.

Relationship and Dating

Jaffe announced in 2017 that he is a bisexual. The announcement came on the show ‘The Wednesday Club’, that he hosts with Amy Dallen.

During one of the episodes, Amy revealed to their audience that she is a bisexual.

After receiving a positive response from the audience, Jaffe said “I am, too”. So Amy and Jaffe announced it together on that episode.

In terms of relationship status, Jaffe is single and not dating anyone.

He has primarily focused on his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

Taliesin Jaffe’s family background includes his father, Robert Jaffe, who was involved in the film industry, and his mother, Nina Axelrod, an actress.

He has a brother named Alex Jaffe, though no further details are available about his siblings.

Not much information is available about Taliesin’s spouse, children, or whether he has any.

It appears that Taliesin prefers to keep his family life private, focusing more on his professional endeavors and artistic pursuits.


Taliesin Jaffe has avoided significant scandals during his career, preserving a generally favorable public perception.

He has, nevertheless, encountered a few small scandals and complaints, just like any other public person.

Taliesin Jaffe has however continually demonstrated his talent and commitment in the field, earning the respect of both fans and colleagues.

He still thrives and motivates others with her accomplishments and fortitude in the fiercely cutthroat entertainment industry, despite small problems.

Fun Facts

  1. Taliesin Jaffe is known for his love of tabletop role-playing games and has been a regular participant in the popular web series “Critical Role”.
  1. Taliesin Jaffe is an avid collector of vintage board games and has an extensive collection.
  1. Taliesin Jaffe is a self-proclaimed “goth enthusiast” and often embraces a dark and stylish aesthetic, which has earned him the nickname “Executive Goth.”
  1. Taliesin Jaffe has lent his voice to numerous video game characters, including the iconic character “Kenny” in the popular video game series “Street Fighter.”
  1. Taliesin is also an accomplished tarot reader and has shared his insights and expertise in tarot card readings on various platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taliesin Jaffe

Q1. What is Taliesin Jaffe’s real name?

Answer: Taliesin Jaffe’s real name is Taliesin Axelrod Armstrong Jaffe.

Q2. How old is Taliesin Jaffe?

Answer: Taliesin Jaffe is 46 years old.

Q3. What is Taliesin Jaffe’s occupation?

Answer: Taliesin Jaffe is an actor, screenwriter, voice actor, and ADR director.

Q4. Is Taliesin Jaffe married?

Answer: No, Taliesin Jaffe is currently single.

Q5. What is Taliesin Jaffe’s net worth?

Answer: Taliesin Jaffe’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Q6. Where is Taliesin Jaffe from?

Answer: Taliesin Jaffe is from Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Q7. Does Taliesin Jaffe have any siblings?

Answer: Yes, Taliesin Jaffe has a brother named Alex Jaffe.

Q8. What is Taliesin Jaffe’s educational background?

Answer: Specific information about Taliesin Jaffe’s educational background is not provided.

Q9. Does Taliesin Jaffe use social media?

Answer: Yes, Taliesin Jaffe is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Q10. What platforms does Taliesin Jaffe create content on?

Answer: Taliesin Jaffe creates content primarily on Instagram and Twitter, where he shares updates, thoughts, and interacts with his fans.

Final Thoughts on Taliesin Jaffe

Taliesin Jaffe, the multi-talented artist, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry through his acting, screenwriting, voice acting, and ADR directing.

With a career spanning decades, he has garnered recognition, awards, and a devoted fan base.

Taliesin’s creative pursuits, combined with his intriguing personal attributes, demonstrate his diverse interests and passions.

While details about his family and education remain relatively private, his professional achievements and net worth reflect his undeniable talent and hard work.

Taliesin Jaffe’s contributions to the arts continue to captivate and inspire audiences, solidifying his place as a respected figure in the industry.

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