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Four Surprising Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Are you debating whether to purchase and install plantation shutters in your home? This gorgeous alternative to blinds can complement any property – but why should you get them? In this article, we explore four surprising benefits of plantation shutters that go beyond their aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced Privacy for Your Home

These shutters bring you more privacy when compared to other window covering options. Plantation shutters add another barrier between your home and the outside world. When fully closed, they make it impossible for anyone to see inside – they can’t even see shadows within, which is familiar with some types of curtains.

This makes them great during the nighttime when you want some added privacy to relax in the comfort of your home. Plus, this extra barrier or privacy protection doubles up as extra security. It’s harder for someone to break into your home through the windows if you have plantation shutters.

Better Energy Efficiency

Most people agree that traditional blinds are less thermally efficient than curtains. Plantation shutters may look like blinds, but they provide improved energy efficiency. Covering your windows with a thick timber or aluminum barrier prevents heat from escaping your home. It makes the rooms warmer, and you don’t need to keep the heating on full blast.

Easy to Clean and Better for Allergies

A massive benefit of plantation shutters is their easy cleaning and maintenance. Unlike other window coverings, they’re made from materials that don’t collect as much dust or other airborne allergens. Particles can quickly be wiped from the surface of your shutters using a simple cloth and some cleaning spray.

Do this once a week to keep the shutters as clean as possible, and you’ll create a more allergy-friendly home. Dust particles and other allergens can’t cling to the shutters and linger for days, so anyone who suffers from allergies will have a more comfortable time.

Add Value to Your Property

The final benefit we’ll discuss is the value added to your property by plantation shutters. Because they’re easy to maintain and provide better energy efficiency while enhancing home privacy/security, it makes them a sought-after investment. People will want to pay more for a house that already comes with them installed.

As a result, adding them to your home will immediately increase its value. Factor in these shutters’ improvements to curb appeal, and the price increases further. Your home becomes more attractive and practical, so when you sell it, you’ll get a much larger profit than you would without plantation shutters.

All things considered, plantation shutters bring lots of advantages to your home. They give you some added privacy when you want to feel safe and secure at home while also delivering a new layer of security.

The energy efficiency improvements will be felt during the winter – and your bank balance will thank you immensely! Simple maintenance and allergy-proof materials help your home feel more comfortable, creating an investment that generates a sizeable return over time.

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