How can self storage units assist with construction-related tasks?

Companies constructing large projects like roads and skyscrapers work through all weather nonstop for months. But extra rooms right near busy job locations let crews store more equipment, building parts and office spaces that make big projects go smoother.

For example, safely keep expensive machines not being used that same week or month but will be needed again later. Or give everyone a better place for breaks/meetings away from noisy trucks driving around sites all day.

We will explain more ways smart planning using storage assists construction tasks running on schedule while protecting people, gear and materials properly.

Keep Equipment Handy But Out of the Way

Heavy machines used occasionally like cement mixers or mini-excavators quickly clutter work zones when just left around everywhere on construction sites between uses.

But keeping extras securely stored at places like secure self storage units in New Meadows keeps the job location safer for workers by reducing obstacles they might trip over. It also helps machines last longer being inside facilities instead of outdoors where rain/snow rust metal parts gradually when not run for a while.

No one wants avoidable injuries or costly broken equipment failures holding up entire projects! But planning small storage spaces makes progress nonstop.

Note: Even ancient Roman Legion builders designated special “machinarum” carts hauling specialty stone cutting tools around securely between fortification projects establishing empire territories defensively 2,000+ years ago!

Store More Materials Conveniently

Having plenty of project parts like wood, tools or safety gear ready for busy crews prevents delays when many workers rely on the same items being available right when needed. Storage areas keep extra supplies organized cleanly by:

  • Putting weather sensitive things like tiles or windows inside climate units
  • Separating plumbing parts from electrical wires on labeled shelves
  • Safely storing enough duplicate shovels, hats and gloves for everyone
  • Keeping daily use items close to site entrance doors quickly
  • Having big vehicle access loading building materials like long metal beams

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration website explains guidelines helping safety managers. Site leader Albert Kipgen says simply “More materials means less worker waiting.

Protect Specialized Modern Equipment

Newer technology tools helping projects finish faster like laser measurement or drone mapping software can be stolen from active jobsites easily.

But advisor Neil Wallace says “Self storage units have secure gates with keypad codes so only approved construction crews can enter and exit controlling valuables. Some even use surveillance cameras really ensuring security watches everything always.”

Recent university research found high-tech equipment locked in storage rooms had 62% fewer damages/thefts than similar items left in open work zones overnight.

So companies can upgrade special order machinery benefiting projects without added worries of something happening. Managers keep things as safe as possible until responsible crews dispatch equipment daily aligning schedules maximizing efficiencies smoothly.

Offer Private Team Meeting Areas

Having temporary offices created inside basic storage spaces gives important work benefits:

  1. Noisy machines/trucks stay away letting everyone discuss clearer
  2. Key plans and building materials remain secure if needing occasional oversight overnight
  3. Comfortable seating and tables keep long talks productive
  4. Consistent lighting, heat and bathrooms keep groups focused unlike makeshift trailers

Site managers can transform units into functional headquarters overnight through upgrading furnishings conveniently. Then easily revert back storing inventory there later.

To find movers who are responsible for transporting rented tables and chairs between storage areas, as team locations are optimized where subcontractor meetings are centralized, inspection reviews assess progress beyond the daily hustle and bustle, and special VIP or media briefings positively update community stakeholders.

Control environments sustaining performance integrity rather than surrendering completely to hectic variables plaguing unpredictable temporary outdoor zones realistically long term. Let the public see polished progress!

Give Employees Comfortable Break Areas

Articles about marketing and communications say construction companies keeping crews motivated with refreshed and focused is key to timely quality projects. Letting workers escape hot outdoor temperatures or cold winters briefly helps everyone mentally.

On-site self storage units transform easily into convenient clean rooms for resting by:

  • Connecting power and internet so people contact family
  • Putting in tables/chairs for relaxing during meal times
  • Offering secured bathrooms/kitchenettes avoiding messy shared trailers
  • Providing basic cots for quick power naps avoiding drowsiness

Site managers build convenient microbreaks supporting productivity all weather optimizing units rented. Workers feeling companies care about basic comforts and health try accomplishing more daily.

Stat Box:

  • 83% productivity loss working when very hot/cold
  • 65% productivity boost after short rest breaks

Support your team!

Build Projects Smartly with Storage

Renting flexible extra spaces adjacent construction zones smooths progress various simple ways like securely accessing more tools/materials conveniently, safely sheltering sensitive machinery from damage/thefts through project durations meeting deadlines, and temporarily adapting units outfitting functional specialized rooms benefitting crews productivity between delays otherwise when essential planning, collaboration and rest fostering fast careful quality work otherwise pauses needlessly without forethought invested proactively.

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