How to Shoot and Edit Short Videos

Before editing, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the basics. For example, there are many free tutorials on YouTube.

Bloggers teach beginners video editing in general or how to work with popular editing app for videos. After watching these and other tutorials, it will be easier for you to master the software, and the results will be of higher quality.

Proper Storage

It is better to store source files simultaneously on a hard drive and in the cloud: this way, you won’t lose files even if there are any failures. Many cloud services offer free plans, so you can try them all and choose the most convenient one.

Also, you should save backup copies in the cloud at the end of each editing session. This will allow you to:

  • Protect yourself from data loss if a file gets corrupted;
  • Revert to a previous version if you don’t like the result;
  • Access files from any device — for example, to continue edit tiktok video in app;
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously and quickly switch between them.

Gather all the footage together and organize it. Rename the files so that the names reflect their content. Group the source files into folders to prevent them from mixing with other videos on your device.

Choosing an Editing Program

It is important to choose a tiktok video editor that suits you. Consider the following criteria:

  • Complexity level — don’t start with professional programs if you’ve never edited videos before;
  • Availability of a free version or trial period — so you don’t spend money on a tiktok video editor that doesn’t suit you;
  • A comprehensive set of tools — it’s more convenient to edit videos in one program with extensive functionality than in several.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

Review all the original clips and delete unnecessary fragments. These can be pauses, failed takes, drawn-out scenes, and moments that simply add nothing useful to the video. Trimming will help make your video more dynamic and engaging for the viewer.

If you are changing angles, cut the video at moments of movement during trimming. This way, the result will look smoother and will not irritate the viewer. Trimming is a basic feature available in all the discussed editors.

Add Suitable Transitions

Choose transitions that match the mood of your video. For example, for fast scenes, striking transitions are suitable, while for calm moments, smooth ones are better. However, do not overdo it and try to avoid outdated transitions.

In most cases, a cut without transitions is used in editing. This is the simplest option, where one scene replaces another without any effects or animations. It does not complicate the perception of the video but can sometimes look dull.

Every video is a story with its introduction, main part, and conclusion. Try to create a cohesive and understandable structure in the video using the best tiktok editing app, maintaining logical sequence. Unfold your plot and story so that it is interesting and memorable.

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