Kim Mulkey Biography: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and More

Welcome to our article honoring the remarkable career and contributions of Kim Mulkey, a true trailblazer in the world of women’s basketball.

With her unwavering passion, exceptional coaching skills, and numerous accolades, Mulkey has left an indelible mark on the sport.

From her tenure as a successful player to her storied coaching career, she has inspired generations of athletes and shattered glass ceilings along the way.

Join us as we honor Kim Mulkey’s accomplishments and legacy as a trailblazer who continues to influence the landscape of women’s basketball.

Get ready to dive into the inspiring journey and unparalleled success of Kim Mulkey, as we explore the impact she has made on the world of women’s basketball.

Quick Bio and Wiki

Kimberly Duane Mulkey, commonly known as Kim Mulkey, is a renowned American basketball coach and former player. Accompany us as we dive into the life and achievements of this influential figure in women’s basketball.

Full Name (Real Name)Kimberly Duane Mulkey
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight58 kg
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)33-25-35 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Date of BirthMay 17, 1962
Zodiac SignTaurus
Birth PlaceSanta Ana, California, United States
Current ResidenceBaton Rouge
High SchoolNot Known
CollegeNot Known
OccupationAmerican Basketball Coach, Basketball Player
AwardsAssociated Press Women’s College Basketball Coach of the Year Naismith Women’s College Coach of the Year
Net Worth$5 million.
Annual Income$2.27 million
FatherDru Mulkey
MotherLes Mulkey
SisterTammy Mulkey
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Spouse(s)Randy Robertson (1987-2006)
SonKramer Robertson
DaughterMakenzie Robertson
FacebookNo Account
YouTubeNo Account
Last Updated2023

Birthday and Age

Kimberly Duane Mulkey, born on May 17, 1962, celebrates her birthday as a highly accomplished basketball coach and former player.

At the age of 61, she has made a significant impact on the sport and continues to inspire generations of athletes.

Height and Weight

Kimberly Duane Mulkey stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, complementing her dynamic presence on the basketball court.

With a weight of 58 kg, she maintains a fit and athletic physique that showcases her physical prowess.

Kim Mulkey Net Worth

Kimberly Duane Mulkey has amassed a sizable net worth, which is estimated to be $5 million.

Her long-standing career as a successful basketball coach and former player, coupled with various accolades, has contributed to her financial prosperity.

Mulkey’s accomplishments in the sport, coupled with her coaching expertise, have garnered recognition and financial rewards.

Her net worth reflects her dedication, talent, and impact on the world of basketball.

Early Life

Kimberly Duane Mulkey, widely known as Kim Mulkey, was born on May 17, 1962, in Santa Ana, California, United States.

Growing up, details about her early life and education are not readily available.

However, her passion for basketball manifested at an early age, setting the stage for her future success.

Mulkey’s relentless drive and determination propelled her to become a standout player, eventually transitioning into a renowned basketball coach.

Her early experiences and passion for the game shaped her career and set her on the route to become a significant figure in women’s basketball.


Information about Kim Mulkey’s formal education, including her high school and college details, is not readily available.

However, her deep knowledge and understanding of basketball suggest a strong foundation in the sport.

Mulkey’s extensive experience as both a player and coach, indicates a wealth of practical knowledge gained through years of dedicated involvement in the game.

While the specifics of her educational background remain undisclosed, her success in the basketball realm demonstrates the importance of continuous learning, skill development, and a passion for the sport.

Mulkey’s expertise and achievements speak volumes about her understanding of the game and her ability to impart that knowledge to others.

Career Achievements

Kim Mulkey’s career achievements in the realm of basketball are nothing short of extraordinary.

As a coach, she has guided teams to great success, including three NCAA national championships.

Mulkey’s coaching prowess has earned her prestigious accolades, such as the Associated Press Women’s College Basketball Coach of the Year and the Naismith Women’s College Coach of the Year.

Her strategic acumen, leadership skills, and ability to motivate players have propelled her teams to consistently high levels of performance.

Mulkey’s impact on the sport extends beyond coaching, as she was also a highly accomplished player during her own career, further solidifying her legacy as a true basketball icon.

Relationship and Dating

Kim Mulkey’s personal life has remained relatively private, and information regarding her relationships and dating history is not widely available.

Mulkey is divorced but she is currently single as per reports.

There were rumors of her getting back together with her ex-husband Randy Robertson but they proved to be wrong.

She has primarily focused on her career in basketball, dedicating her time and energy to coaching and mentoring players.

Mulkey’s commitment to the sport and her players has been a central aspect of her life, and she has prioritized her professional endeavors over her personal relationships.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

Kim Mulkey’s family includes her parents, Dru Mulkey and Les Mulkey, who have been a source of support throughout her life and career.

She also has a sister named Tammy Mulkey.

Furthermore, Kim Mulkey is a mother to two children, a son named Kramer and a daughter named Makenzie.

While specific details about her family life are not extensively publicized, Mulkey’s achievements and dedication in basketball highlight the impact of her family’s support and love.

Their encouragement and presence have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her journey as both a player and a coach.


Kim Mulkey’s career has been relatively free from major controversies. However, she has made headlines for her outspoken and at times controversial statements.

In 2017, Mulkey received criticism for defending the handling of sexual assault allegations at Baylor University, where she was the head coach.

Her remarks sparked a debate about accountability and victim advocacy.

While Mulkey’s comments generated controversy and backlash, it’s important to note that public figures are subject to varying opinions and occasional missteps.

Despite these instances, Mulkey’s impact on the basketball world and her success as a coach remain significant aspects of her legacy.

Fun Facts

  1. Kim Mulkey once played basketball alongside fellow basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal at Louisiana Tech University.
  1. Despite her fiery demeanor on the court, Kim Mulkey has a soft spot for animals and is an avid supporter of various animal welfare organizations.
  1. Kim Mulkey has also served as an assistant coach for the United States women’s national basketball team, earning a gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.
  1. Kim Mulkey enjoys spending time away from the court with her family, particularly her children Kramer and Makenzie.
  1. Kim Mulkey’s contagious personality and sense of humor have won her the loving nickname “Coach Mulkey”.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kim Mulkey

Q1. Who is Kim Mulkey in a relationship with?

Answer: She is currently single.

Q2. Who is Kim Mulkey ex husband?

Answer: Her ex-husband is Randy Robertson.

Q3. Is Kim Mulkey still married?

Answer: Mulkey and Robertson split up in 2006. Her childhood was spent in Tickfaw, Louisiana.

Q4. Who dresses Kim Mulkey?

Answer: Jaime Glas, an LSU alumnus, outfitted the LSU coach for the most part.

Q5. What happened to Kim Mulkey and her husband?

Answer: From 1987 through 2006, Randy Robertson was married to Kim Mulkey. After nearly two decades together, the couple separated and eventually divorced.

Q6. How much does Kim Mulkey make?

Answer: According to KWTX in Baton Rouge, Mulkey’s contract began at $2.45 million in annual salary and extra pay and will climb annually throughout the course of the term.

Q7. What is Kim Mulkey’s coaching career?

Answer: Kim Mulkey has had a remarkable coaching career, primarily in women’s college basketball. She has coached at Baylor University since 2000 and has led the team to three NCAA national championships.

Q8. How many national championships has Kim Mulkey won as a coach?

Answer: Kim Mulkey has won three NCAA national championships as a head coach. She achieved this feat with Baylor University in 2005, 2012, and 2019.

Q9. What are some notable awards and honors Kim Mulkey has received?

Answer: Kim Mulkey has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Associated Press Women’s College Basketball Coach of the Year and the Naismith Women’s College Coach of the Year.

Q10. Did Kim Mulkey have a successful playing career?

Answer: Yes, Kim Mulkey was a highly accomplished player. She played college basketball at Louisiana Tech University and won two NCAA national championships as a player in 1981 and 1982.

Final Thoughts on Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey’s legacy in the world of basketball is one that will be remembered for generations to come.

As a player, she achieved remarkable success, winning national championships and leaving an indelible mark on the court.

However, it is her coaching career that truly sets her apart.

With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Mulkey has guided her teams to multiple national championships, earning numerous accolades along the way.

Beyond her impressive coaching achievements, she has been an inspiration and role model to countless players, demonstrating the power of perseverance, passion, and leadership.

Kim Mulkey’s impact on the sport and her contributions to women’s basketball is truly extraordinary.

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