Workation: 8 Tips for Combining Work and Travel

For many of us, blending work and travel is a dream. For some — it’s the reality. If you’d rather belong to the latter, this blog post provides some practical tips to ace this work-travel gig.

What’s Workation Exactly?

A workation is when you mix business with pleasure — working remotely while soaking up new surroundings. It’s not just about lugging your laptop to a beach (though that sounds amazing), it’s about finding a balance where work and wanderlust coexist. Sound like a plan? Great, let’s get to the tips, then!

8 Workation Tips

#1 Choosing the Right Destination

Sure, a beachfront villa sounds dreamy, but is the Wi-Fi strong? Pick a spot that’s not just beautiful but has reliable internet and a decent work environment. Think cafes, co-working spaces, or accommodations with dedicated work areas.

Consider time zones, too. Working in an opposite time zone from your team? That might mean midnight calls or disrupted sleep patterns. Aim for a location with minimal time zone clashes for a smoother workflow.

#2 Set a Realistic Work Schedule

Discipline is key. Set clear work hours and avoid working beyond those. After all, workation is a balance. On the one hand, it’s about getting the work done. On the other hand, it’s about carving out time to explore and relax.

If you’re working across time zones, sync your schedule with your team’s hours. This might mean early mornings or late evenings, but it ensures you’re connected when it matters.

#3 Balancing Work and Exploration

Block out time for sightseeing or relaxing. After all, you aren’t on a work trip. It’s an adventure. Plan your tourist activities like you would meetings — with intention and commitment.

Short on time? Opt for micro-adventures. Use luxury car rental and explore local eateries during lunch breaks, or take a quick stroll in a nearby park. Small explorations can enrich your experience.

#4 Tech and Connectivity

Beyond your laptop, think about what tech you need. Noise-canceling headphones for busy cafes, a portable Wi-Fi router, or even a spare charger can be lifesavers.

Always have a plan B for internet connectivity. Know the local cafes with free Wi-Fi, or get a local SIM card for data. You don’t want a dodgy connection ruining your workflow.

#5 Finding the Right Accommodation

Look for accommodations that offer a dedicated workspace. This could be a desk in your room or a communal area that’s conducive to focus.

For longer stays, consider amenities like a kitchen, laundry facilities, or a fitness center. These small comforts make a big difference in your daily routine.

#6 Staying Productive

Group similar tasks together to maximize efficiency. This helps you stay focused and productive. Plus, it leaves you more time to enjoy your surroundings.

Of course, it’s tempting to keep working beyond your set hours, especially when there’s no office to leave. But as we’ve said above, it’s critical to set boundaries to prevent burnout.

#7 Health and Well-being

Incorporate physical activity into your day. A morning jog or a yoga session could be great options. Keeping active is crucial for both physical and mental health so don’t overlook it.

Besides, don’t let travel disrupt your eating habits. Try local cuisines, but also maintain a balanced diet to keep your energy levels up.

#8 Embracing Local Culture

Take time to learn about the local culture and engage with the community. This can provide a deeper, more meaningful experience during your workation.

You can’t learn a new language in an instant, of course. But you can learn some of it. Knowing a few phrases in the local language goes a long way in building connections and navigating your new environment.

There you have it — eight practical tips to make your workation a blast. Remember, the key is balance. With a bit of planning and discipline, you can rock your work responsibilities while indulging in the joys of travel.

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