Navigating Disability Claims: A Comprehensive Guide to the Process in Vancouver

Having a long-term disability can greatly impact your daily life, as you have challenges functioning in society compared to people who are born normal. Disability comes from other forms of impairments in physical, cognitive, and emotional.

A person who has a disability can be discriminated against by others, which later on affects their emotions and can be stressful. It will hinder your ability to function in society as the unique being that you are. In Vancouver, they have disability claims that serve as a way to support your finances to accommodate your challenges in everyday life.

Long-term disability may break or make you, since if you don’t motivate yourself to go to work despite your situation, you will no longer contribute to society and will be a burden to your family. That’s why some people who have a long-term disability may claim their compensation from the insurance company they are with.

If you want to know more about understanding disability claims and how a disability lawyer will help you with your free initial consultation, click here to continue. In this article, we will unravel the process of getting a disability claim.

Getting a Disability Claim

Determining Eligibility

Before going to form a claim, you must first check the eligibility of the disabled person to see if they meet the requirements. Looking at the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate your financial eligibility to be considered for aid.
  • Be 18 years old or at least 17 years old.
  • Have a severe physical or mental malfunction that has been occurring for more than 2 years
  • Be significantly restricted in your ability to perform daily living activities.
  • Require assistance with daily living activities from
    • Another person
    • An assistive device, or
    • An assistance animal

Gathering Documentation

In collecting the documentation regarding the medical information and how much the expected expense on the hospital bill would require to write on the claim, The disability lawyer must ensure the necessary medical documentation and the medical report of the client.

Furthermore, lawyers must also look at the work history of the disabled person to determine if it was inborn or job injuries that caused them to become disabled.

Preparing Application

The disability lawyer will now prepare all the medical records of the client, fill out the personal information of the client, provide the impact of the daily activities of having a disability, and estimate the amount of the expenses for compensation.

Submitting Application

After gathering proper documentation, the disabled lawyer will now send the pertinent files and documents to the insurance company to support the claim. They will file the initial claim to make the negotiation out of it, and in the final process, they will decide if the client will receive compensation for the claim.

Receiving Decision

After the waiting process of the decision, this would be the final phase if your claim goes to court or is a success. Waiting for the final decision takes several months, as it will be verified by the insurance company with the documents you sent.

If the insurance company agrees to the terms of your claim, you will win the disability claim and get the right compensation. If not, you will appeal the disability claim to court.


With that in mind, having the best disability lawyer will help you to undergo the process once and for all, as it is too stressful to present just yourself without knowing the legal action on the disability claim.

Remember to ensure the convenience of your case and where you can lessen the cost of hiring a different disability lawyer who is ineffective.

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