Noah Schnacky Biography: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and More

Noah Schnacky is a rising country music artist who has been making waves in the industry.

Born on January 27, 1997, in Minnesota, Noah’s passion for music developed at a young age.

With his distinctive voice and charismatic stage presence, he has captured the hearts of fans across the country.

Noah’s musical style blends elements of traditional country with modern pop influences, creating a sound that is uniquely his own.

His talent and dedication have led to collaborations with notable artists and performances at prestigious venues.

As Noah Schnacky continues to grow and refine his craft, he is poised to become a prominent figure in the world of country music.

Quick Bio and Wiki

Noah Schnacky, a multi-talented artist hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is making waves in the entertainment industry. Read on to know more about him.

Full Name (Real Name)Noah James Schnacky
Height6 feet
Weight70 Kg
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)38-30-28
Hair ColorHoner Brown
Eye ColorHazel Brown
Date of BirthJanuary 27,1997
Age26 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius
Birth PlaceMinneapolis, Minnesota
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
High SchoolLocal high school
CollegeNot Attended
OccupationActor, Singer, YouTuber, Host and Voiceover Artist
Net Worth$2 million
Annual Income$165K
FatherLance Schnacky
MotherKim Schnacky
SisterNoelle, Allie, and Ella
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
TwitterNo Account
Last Updated2023

Birthday and Age

Noah Schnacky, born on January 27, 1997, celebrates his birthday as an Aquarius.

Currently 26 years old, he has accomplished notable success at a young age.

Height and Weight

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet, Noah Schnacky possesses a commanding presence.

With a weight of 70 kg, he maintains a fit and healthy physique.

His stature not only adds to his stage presence but also complements his talents as an entertainer.

Noah Schnacky Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Noah Schnacky has achieved significant financial success in his career.

Through his endeavors in music, acting, hosting, and voiceovers, he has built a strong foundation for his wealth.

Noah’s talent, hard work, and dedication have allowed him to accumulate a substantial net worth at a relatively young age.

As he continues to expand his portfolio and explore new opportunities, his net worth is likely to grow in the future.

Early Life

Noah James Schnacky was born on January 27, 1997, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Raised in a supportive family, Noah developed a love for music from an early age.

He honed his skills in singing, acting, hosting, and voiceovers while attending a local high school.

Despite not attending college, Noah’s natural talent and determination propelled him forward in the entertainment industry.

With the support of his parents, Lance and Kim Schnacky, and the encouragement of his siblings Colby, Noelle, Allie, and Ella, Noah embarked on an important journey.

It led him to establish himself as a versatile and promising artist.


Noah Schnacky’s educational background indicates that he attended a local high school in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While specific details about his college education are not provided, it is mentioned that he did not attend college.

Instead, Noah focused on developing his artistic skills and pursuing opportunities in the entertainment industry.

His passion for music, acting, hosting, and voiceovers drove him to dedicate his time and energy to honing his craft and gaining practical experience.

Noah’s success serves as evidence of his talent and determination, showcasing that formal higher education is not always a prerequisite for achieving one’s goals.

Career Achievements

Noah Schnacky has already made impressive strides in his career at a young age.

As a versatile artist, he has achieved notable accomplishments in multiple fields.

In the music industry, Noah has garnered attention with his captivating vocals and relatable lyrics, earning him a dedicated fanbase.

He has also ventured into acting, hosting, and voiceovers, showcasing his range and versatility.

With performances at renowned venues and collaborations with respected artists, Noah’s career achievements highlight his talent, hard work, and ability to captivate audiences across various platforms.

As he continues to evolve and expand his artistic endeavors, his future prospects are promising.

Relationship and Dating

Noah Schnacky has kept his personal relationships relatively private, and there is limited public information about his dating life.

As of the latest available information, his relationship status remains single.

While there have been occasional rumors or speculations about his romantic involvements, Noah has chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding his personal affairs.

He prefers to focus on his career and artistic pursuits, allowing his talent and creativity to take center stage.

As such, fans and followers eagerly await updates on his personal life while appreciating his musical and professional achievements.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

Noah Schnacky comes from a close-knit and supportive family.

His parents, Lance and Kim Schnacky, have played a crucial role in his upbringing and career development.

Noah also shares a special bond with his siblings: Colby, Noelle, Allie, and Ella.

Their presence has provided him with a strong support system and a sense of familial love.

While specific details about his family members’ professions are not available, their unwavering support has been instrumental in Noah’s journey as an artist.

The Schnacky family’s close relationship and encouragement have undoubtedly contributed to Noah’s success and helped shape him into the talented and grounded individual he is today.


Noah Schnacky has maintained a relatively controversy-free public image throughout his career.

He has not been embroiled in any major scandals or controversies that have significantly impacted his reputation.

Noah focuses on his artistic pursuits and remains dedicated to his craft without seeking unnecessary controversy.

By conducting himself with professionalism and authenticity, he has garnered respect from fans and industry professionals alike.

Noah’s commitment to his music and maintaining a positive public image have allowed him to navigate his career smoothly, avoiding controversies and maintaining a strong connection with his audience.

Fun Facts

  1. Noah Schnacky is not only a talented musician but also a skilled dancer.
  1. Noah Schnacky is also an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys playing basketball in his free time.
  1. Noah Schnacky is known for his quirky sense of humor and often entertains his fans with his witty jokes and funny social media posts.
  1. When he’s not busy with his music, Noah Schnacky enjoys hiking.
  1. Noah Schnacky is a dog lover and owns a beloved pet named Max, who often makes appearances on his social media.

Frequently Asked Questions about Noah Schnacky

Q1. What movies did Noah Schnacky play in?

Answer: He worked in “Turtle Tale”, “Loverboy” and “Mille and Muse”.

Q2. What is Noah Schnacky famous for?

Answer: Noah, dubbed a “young Ryan Seacrest,” hosted Radio Disney’s chat show “Kids Concerns” for seven years.

Q3. What religion are the Schnacky family?

Answer: He is from a Christian family.

Q4. When and where was Noah Schnacky born?

Answer: Noah Schnacky was born on January 27, 1997, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Q5. What is Noah Schnacky’s height and weight?

Answer: Noah Schnacky stands at a height of 6 feet and has a weight of approximately 70 kg.

Q6. What is Noah Schnacky’s occupation?

Answer: Noah Schnacky is a multi-talented artist involved in various fields, including music, acting, hosting, and voiceovers.

Q7. Does Noah Schnacky have any siblings?

Answer: Yes, Noah Schnacky has four siblings named Colby, Noelle, Allie, and Ella.

Q8. Is Noah Schnacky married?

Answer: Noah Schnacky’s marital status is single.

Q9. What is Noah Schnacky’s net worth?

Answer: Noah Schnacky’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Q10. Has Noah Schnacky released any music?

Answer: Yes, Noah Schnacky has released several music projects and singles, showcasing his talent as a musician.

Final Thoughts on Noah Schnacky

Noah Schnacky, with his versatile talent and genuine passion for music and the arts, has established himself as a rising star in the industry.

From his captivating vocals to his captivating performances, he captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Beyond his musical abilities, Noah’s dedication to his craft and his positive and down-to-earth personality have endeared him to fans worldwide.

With a promising career ahead of him, Noah continues to grow as an artist and explore new opportunities.

His journey showcases not only his talent but also his ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level, solidifying his place as a rising force in the music industry.

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