Ridesharing Accident Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Particularly in highly crowded cities like Dallas, ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have drastically changed the commute experience in modern culture. These services lack a guarantee of safety, even if they are convenient.

Ride-sharing vehicles colliding can result in major physical injuries, costly medical expenditures, and psychological suffering. Moreover, the complexities of ridesharing businesses’ insurance applications might aggravate the difficulty of recovering from major injuries.

Reasons for Selecting Kraft & Associates, P.C.

For more than forty years, Kraft & Associates, P.C. – Dallas uber accident attorney has been advocating the rights of injured parties and their families in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan areas.

Their seasoned ridesharing accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you in your search for suitable reimbursement for the injuries and losses sustained. Their company runs contingency-based and offers free consultations; hence, you are not compelled to pay them until they have effectively obtained compensation on your behalf.

Uber and Lyft’s Accidental Records

The number of ridesharing service-related accidents increases along with their growing availability. Review the following figures:

  • Uber drivers averaged 21 million daily rides in a single fiscal quarter, completing over 1.95 billion trips overall.
  • Uber’s most recent U.S. Safety Report shows that over a year, 91 fatal collisions involving Uber vehicles claimed 100 lives.
  • A University of Chicago study suggests that ridesharing applications could have helped to cause a 2% to 3% rise in road deaths all around over the past ten years.

Requirements for Texas Rideshare Driving

Uber and Lyft, among other ridesharing companies, adhere to rigorous standards to protect their drivers’ safety. The following are the requirements for Texas Lyft drivers to be qualified:

  • Coverage for individual car insurance
  • Smartphone capable of using the Lyft app and with current vehicle registration. The minimum age is twenty-five.
  • A current driver’s license.
  • Completion of the criminal background check and evaluation of driving record successfully.
  • The car should be within the past 15 years, have four doors, and seat five to eight people maximum.
  • Drivers operating motor vehicles in the state of Texas had to be at least 18 years old.
  • To be qualified, an applicant must have three years if under 25 or at least one year of approved driving experience in the United States.
  • Confirming residency
  • The car must remain clean, free of any promotional impressions or cosmetic damage.

How Uber and Lyft Incidents Vary from Other Car Accidents

Ride-sharing vehicle collisions could be more complicated than typical car events.

  • Complicates of Insurance: The applicability of different insurance policies could be greatly influenced by the driver’s situation at the occurrence.
  • Interaction management for big companies: Given their great legal standing, bringing a lawsuit against companies like Uber or Lyft could prove challenging. Should it be necessary, a qualified attorney can help you create a strong claim or appeal.

What to Do after an Uber or Lyft Accident

  1. Ask authorities: Should a minor accident occur, having an official police record could prove to be really helpful.
  2. Get proof by compiling visual video of the incident and contacting others who saw it. Look also for any neighborhood security cameras now in use.
  3. Ask for medical attention. Regardless of your seeming health, seek medical help right away to enable the detection of any latent injuries.
  4. One should try to avoid talking with insurance companies. Insurers should forward all questions to your attorney.
  5. Seek guidance from an attorney who specializes in issues regarding ride-haring incidents. Equipped to investigate the collision, pinpoint blame, and advocate for you in insurance company talks, a legal professional can help you.

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