Ryan Paevey Biography: Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and More

Ryan Paevey is a multi-talented actor and model who has garnered a significant following with his captivating performances and striking presence.

Born on September 24, 1984, in Torrance, California, Paevey initially made waves in the entertainment industry as a model, working with renowned brands.

He then transitioned to acting and gained widespread recognition for his role as Nathan West on the popular soap opera “General Hospital.”

Paevey’s charismatic on-screen presence, combined with his undeniable charm and talent, has made him a fan favorite.

Beyond his acting career, Paevey is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors, showcasing his compassionate nature and dedication to making a positive impact.

Quick Bio and Wiki

Get to know Ryan Paevey, a talented American model and actor known for his captivating performances and striking presence in the entertainment industry.

Full Name (Real Name)Ryan Jacob Paevey-Vlieger
Height6 Feet 1 Inches (1.83 m)
Weight65 kg (155 lbs)
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)42-28-34 Inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Date of BirthSeptember 24, 1984
Zodiac SignLibra
Birth PlaceTorrance, California, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles
High SchoolModel High School
CollegeNot Known
OccupationModel, Actor
Net Worth$3 Million
Annual IncomeNot Known
FatherLes Vlieger
MotherLinda Paevey
SisterKaitlyn Paevey
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
FacebookNo Account
Last Updated2023

Birthday and Age

Ryan Paevey was born on September 24, 1984, making him 38 years old (as of the provided information in 2023).

Celebrating his birthday on this date, Paevey has achieved notable success in his career as a model and actor, captivating audiences with his talent and charm.

Height and Weight

Ryan Paevey stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch (1.83 meters) and maintains a lean physique with a weight of 65 kilograms (155 pounds).

His impressive height and well-proportioned weight contribute to his commanding presence, enhancing his appeal as a model and actor in the industry.

Ryan Paevey Net Worth

Ryan Paevey’s $3 million net worth reflects his successful profession as an actor and model.

Paevey has achieved both critical praise and financial success thanks to his talent, commitment, and noteworthy ventures.

Due to his dedication and success in the entertainment world, he has amassed an incredible net worth.

Early Life

Les Vlieger and Linda Paevey welcomed Ryan Paevey into the world in Torrance, California, on September 24, 1984.

He attended Model High School as a child, where he probably developed his love of modeling.

Paevey’s interest in the entertainment sector clearly started when he was a young child, despite the fact that there is little data available about his early years.

His journey from his California hamlet to being a well-known model and actor illustrates his talent and tenacity in pursuing his goals.


While specific details about Ryan Paevey’s education are not available, it is known that he attended Model High School, which likely provided a solid foundation for his career in the modeling industry.

Further information regarding his college education is undisclosed.

Paevey’s success in the entertainment industry suggests that he possesses a combination of natural talent and professional training, allowing him to excel in his modeling and acting endeavors.

Despite the limited information on his education, Paevey’s achievements reflect his dedication and skill in his chosen profession.

Career Achievements

Ryan Paevey has achieved notable success throughout his career as both a model and actor.

He gained widespread recognition for his role as Nathan West on the popular soap opera “General Hospital,” earning him a dedicated fan base.

Paevey’s talent, striking looks, and on-screen charisma have made him a sought-after figure in the industry.

While specific awards are not mentioned, his accomplishments in the entertainment world, coupled with his growing popularity, speak volumes about his talent and contributions to the field.

Paevey’s achievements have solidified his position as a respected and accomplished figure in the industry.

Relationship and Dating

As of 2023, Ryan Paevey is not in a relationship and remains single.

With his focus primarily on his career and professional commitments, Paevey has chosen to keep his personal life hidden.

Paevey has maintained a level of privacy, focusing instead on his professional endeavors.

Being single allows him the freedom to dedicate his time and energy to his work, further enhancing his accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

Fans will continue to support and admire Paevey’s talent and achievements, regardless of his relationship status.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

Ryan Paevey was born to his parents Les Vlieger and Linda Paevey.

Details about his family members are limited in the provided information. However, it is known that he has a sister named Kaitlyn Paevey.

While specifics about his family background and dynamics are undisclosed, Paevey’s supportive family likely played a role in his journey toward success.

Their encouragement and presence may have contributed to his drive and determination, enabling him to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry.


Ryan Paevey has managed to maintain a relatively controversy-free public image throughout his career.

There are no significant controversies or scandals associated with his name as of the available information.

Paevey’s focus on his work, professionalism, and dedication to his craft has helped him steer clear of any major negative attention.

This has allowed him to build a positive reputation and maintain a clean public image, enhancing his credibility and appeal to both fans and industry professionals.

Ryan Paevey’s commitment to maintaining a positive public image has contributed to his reputation as a respected and admired figure in the entertainment industry, free from any significant controversies or scandals.

Fun Facts

  1. Ryan Paevey is not only an actor but also an accomplished photographer, often capturing breathtaking landscapes and moments behind the lens.
  1. In addition to his love for acting, Ryan Paevey is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, enjoying the thrill of the open road on his bike.
  1. Ryan Paevey enjoys indulging in his passion for woodworking, crafting unique and intricate pieces with his own hands.
  1. Ryan Paevey has a soft spot for animals and has been actively involved in animal rescue and advocacy.
  1. Surprisingly, Ryan Paevey is a certified expert in CPR and first aid, having undergone training to provide assistance in emergency situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ryan Paevey

Q1. Is Ryan Paevey on Hallmark Channel married?

Answer: Ryan is neither married nor dating anyone at the moment.

Q2. Is Ryan Paevey married to Cindy Busby?

Answer: No, he is not married to Cindy Busby.

Q3. What ethnicity is Ryan Paevey?

Answer: He is of Dutch and Indonesian ethnicity.

Q4. Is Ryan Paevey still with Hallmark?

Answer: There will be a lot more Paevey in the future because to the actor’s current exclusive, multi-picture contract with the network.

Q5. When was Ryan Paevey born?

Answer: Ryan Paevey was born on September 24, 1984.

Q6. What is Ryan Paevey’s height?

Answer: Ryan Paevey stands at 6 feet 1 inch (1.83 meters) tall.

Q7. What is Ryan Paevey’s occupation?

Answer: Ryan Paevey is both a model and actor.

Q8. Has Ryan Paevey won any awards?

Answer: Ryan Paevey has not won any notable awards.

Q9. What is Ryan Paevey’s net worth?

Answer: Ryan Paevey’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

Q10. What is Ryan Paevey’s eye color?

Answer: Ryan Paevey has blue eyes.

Final Thoughts on Ryan Paevey

Ryan Paevey is a talented and versatile actor and model who has garnered attention and admiration for his work in the entertainment industry.

With his striking looks, charismatic presence, and dedication to his craft, Paevey has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

His commitment to maintaining a positive image, involvement in various philanthropic endeavors, and pursuit of diverse interests outside of acting further showcase his multifaceted nature.

As he continues to navigate his career, it is evident that Ryan Paevey’s talent, professionalism, and genuine passion for his craft will continue to propel him to new heights and secure his place among the industry’s notable figures.

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