Ten Ways to Style a Signature Streetwear Look

Streetwear has been popular since the rap groups in the 80s and 90s came to the forefront of the fashion scene. Ever since then, it’s been a popular style to wear for anyone and everyone.

It’s become even more popular in recent years, and we see this style all over the shops and magazines. Buy styling it can be tricky – so we’ve come up with 10 easy style tips to help you style your streetwear look.

Ten Ways to Style Your Streetwear

Add a baggy tee

A baggy tee is the best top to wear with any of your streetwear. Tops can be tricky with streetwear but as long as it’s baggy, it’s going to look great.

Utilize your cargo pants

Cargo pants are another staple of the streetwear style. The more pockets the better, and if there are other bells and whistles added on, then they’re a must have purchase. Any colour will do, as long as they are baggy and slung low on the waist.

Sweatpants are key

Sweatpants are the backbone of streetwear so make sure you’ve got some of these in your wardrobe. A red 2-piece tracksuit is always a classic look, but go for any color that suits your personal style.

Make it baggy on the bottom

If you’re not a cargo pant wearer, then just any baggy pants will do. Streetwear is all about the baggy clothes, so keep it baggy on the bottom if you’re stuck with what to wear.

Don’t forget about denim

It might not seem like the top priority but don’t forget about denim when you’re wearing streetwear. Baggy jeans are some of the best choices as they go with everything whilst still adhering to the street style.

Dark denim is key when wearing street style but keep it light if that’s what you prefer. A denim jacket is always welcome too – as long as it’s baggy!

The more chains the better

Chains are a classic streetwear staple so the more you have, the better. Chunky chain necklaces are the perfect jewellery to choose, and they go with absolutely everything.

You could even add some chains to your jeans if you’re feeling even more adventurous.

Add a puffer jacket

If you’re out in the cold, a puffer jacket is the way to go. Not only does it keep you warm, but it looks great with all streetwear. There’s nothing worse than a jacket that doesn’t go with the vibe of your outfit, so make sure this is on point and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t forget about the accessories

Accessories are still as important as with any other style so don’t forget about those. We’ve already talked about chains, but bags are also vital. A little bumbag is the perfect accessory for a streetwear look. It’s still in keeping with the style but holds all the stuff you need.

If you’re not a chain wearer, why not all in some big bulky rings instead? Gold is preferable but as long as they’re chunky, it doesn’t really matter.

Sneakers are king

When you’re wearing streetwear, there is no other shoe allowed than the sneaker – the cooler the better of course. You can make your sneakers pop by wearing a bright color or pattern.

Even though your pants should be baggy, you can still keep your sneakers flashing out from underneath them. They’re the star of the show so make sure they’re kept as clean as possible – no one wants to see a grubby sneaker on show.

Keep hair and makeup to a minimum

Streetwear is all about the clothes so make sure these are CenterStage by keeping everything else to a minimum. Hair and makeup should be kept sleek and clean without too much going on.

Although accessories are key, anything from the beauty aisle should be toned down so you don’t detract from the rest of the outfit.

Which streetwear style tip did you enjoy the most?

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