When It’s Time to Go to Therapy | 10 Sure Signs

Sometimes, you can face unexpected and unpleasant life experiences. Something bad or traumatic incidents can happen to you.

These bad things can include rejection, financial instability, losing someone, major changes in life, relationship issues, divorce, and anything else.

The traumatic situations can be abuse, accidents, death of someone, facing any crippling situation, or becoming handicapped for the whole life.

In some situations, you can bounce back easily. But in some, you find it difficult to snap out of it. Sometimes, the signs of distress or mental issues are obvious. But sometimes they are hidden and hard to notice.

You need to take care of every type of mental distress because it can cause various issues in your life. The only solution to deal with them is therapy.

Here, a lot of people may want to know when they should go to see a therapist. What are these hidden mental distress issues that can lead to a therapist?

So to help you, we are going to discuss ten sure signs you need a therapist.

1. Unable to Regulate the Emotions

You will be unable to understand or regulate your emotions. You may start fighting with random people on minor things. Or, you often go into the washroom to weep over small things.

Different therapists have said that unusual anger is a sign of depression and stress. Also, the continuous feeling of sadness is a sign of clinical depression.

So, any of your irregular emotions can be a sign that you need a therapist.

2. Effective Performance in Work and School

Your performance level can decrease tenfold if you are facing any emotional and mental issues. Because, these issues can sap energy from you, and impact your memory and productivity.

You no longer will feel any motivation or happiness in doing your work. Driving toward the workplace or school will become a torture to you.

3. Unusual Sleep and Appetite

Do you have irregular sleep or appetite for a long time? For irregular, I mean either taking less to no sleep or sleeping much more. And, either eating nothing or overeating.

Different psychologists agree that a person who is severely depressed sleeps all the time and who is anxious sleeps barely.

So, if there is any irregularity in sleeping and eating for a long time, you need to address it soon.

4. Difficulty in Maintaining Relationships

When you are facing depression or stress, you feel difficulty in nurturing your relationships. You may feel difficulty in expressing your emotions to those with whom you are in relationships.

Maybe, you are snapping at kids unusually. You are having arguments with your spouse, don’t want to visit your friends, and don’t want them to visit you. It is difficult to coordinate with your colleagues or superiors in the workplace.

It can be any type of difficulty in any relationship.

5. Indulging in Unusual Habits

With unusual habits, a lot of people automatically think of substances. Depressive people indeed rely on alcohol and drugs to numb their pain. But, there are also other types of unusual habits too.

These habits include excessive shopping, exercise, excessive dieting, or any other risky things that you usually don’t do. If you or any of your loved ones are indulged in such activities, they need a therapist.

6. Not Interested in Anything

You may love going to the gym daily but now you are no more interested in doing it. You may love reading books but now you no more read.

You are not socializing anymore. You are not productive in your professional or personal life and don’t want to do anything at any time. You have a lot of hobbies but now you don’t want to do them anymore.

These are the signs of psychological and emotional stress, depression, or any childhood trauma or neglect.

7. Having Negative Thoughts

You may be having different negative thoughts or emotions lately. You may feel vacant in yourself and stop feeling any joy or happiness in life.

You feel hopeless about your life or in any situation you are currently stuck in. Any positive thoughts or motivation is not coming to you. You start wishing that you may not be alive anymore.

These negative thoughts are also a sign that you need to see a therapist as soon as possible.

8. Bad Physical Health

Our mental health is associated with our physical health. So if you ignore your mental health, your physical health will also take a hit.

You may start feeling issues in your immune, cardiovascular, or endocrine system. They will become weakened which will lead to different other issues.

Moreover, you can have different headaches, muscle pains, fatigue, or any other health issues.

9. Agoraphobia

If you have this phobia, it indicates that you need therapy soon. People with this phobia may undergo any type of childhood abuse or traumatic situation. So, they need help in coping with its side effects.

This phobia includes the fear of being in an open space, in an enclosed space, within a crowd, waiting in a line, using public transportation, or being out of home alone.

If you have any of these types of fears, you need a therapist.

10. Grieving

You may be grieving a lot in these past days due to any mishap. Maybe, you have recently undergone a divorce or dealing with the death of a loved one.

There can be various reasons you may be grieving or finding it difficult to come out of it. So, therapy will help you in this situation.


These are the ten major signs you need to see a therapist as soon as possible. You may notice that all of these signs are negatively impacting you in various ways.

So, if you leave your mental and emotional stress untreated, it can destroy your and your loved ones’ lives in various ways.

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