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Which Type of Gazebo Is better: Wood or Metal?

A pavilion in your garden – does this idea also make you imagine spending cozy hours under your new pergola? The pavilion is a decorative centerpiece of your garden or terrace and offers a high level of added functional value. On warm summer days, it protects you from the sun and provides a reliable source of shade.

Even on rainy days, a covered pergola is worth its weight in gold – after all, what could be more comfortable than sitting under a pergola in moderate temperatures and drizzling rain and listening to the rain?

But what type of gazebo should you choose? This is the most difficult choice that every site owner faces. For example, pergola kits are popular for creating a durable structure. Arranging a dacha plot is a pleasant hassle for everyone. Therefore, the choice of material is very important. Below, we will understand what variant of the pergola is better suited.

Advantages of a wooden pavilion

The wooden pavilion will be a natural decoration for your garden, blending perfectly into the environment and emphasizing the outdoor area’s natural character. With its warm colors and typical texture, the wooden pergola creates a cozy atmosphere where you can celebrate atmospheric garden parties or enjoy a casual Sunday breakfast.

Wood is a viral organic raw material due to its natural look and unique feel. Wood has many other advantages besides the visual aspect, so natural material is the optimal basis for building your garden gazebo. However, the naturalness of the material has several disadvantages.

Pergola or wooden pavilion – what’s the difference?

A pavilion is a freestanding and open structure topped with fixed roof forms such as a pitched roof, gable roof, hipped roof, or flat roof. In contrast, a pergola is described as an arcade open at the top that is used, among other things, for climbing plants.

Interesting to know: The classic pergola was not equipped with a solid roof in its original form. Nowadays, you can find hybrids based on the original pergola design but equipped with a waterproof louvered roof, a UV-resistant shade sail, or polycarbonate panels. Thanks to these modern features, the airy design of the pergola is maintained.

  • Metal gazebos are the leaders in the decorative gazebo category because they have the largest selection of models. Although metal garden pavilions serve almost the same function as wooden ones, they differ in appearance and features. A metal pergola is the perfect solution if you want to add an extra modern living space to your garden but need more time to maintain it.
  • Metal is a very popular material for its modern look and durability. The color scheme of most models is pure anthracite because this shade of gray is timeless and easily adapts to the environment. In addition to its appearance, metal has many advantages, so the material is the optimal basis for constructing your garden gazebo.

Therefore, metal gazebos are more durable and long-lasting. Thanks to modern technology, a wide range of design solutions suit any interior.

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